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TH Marco Fishing industry

TH Marco supplies quality and reputable deck machinery for the fishing and naval industry. The main tuna fishing fleets around the world use TH Marco systems and equipment, which is a guaranty of the necessary reliability and availability in the most demanding marine environments.

TH Marco services the worldwide tuna fleet and is present in all oceans with industrial tuna fishing. Our quality and 50 years experience has made our products a reference in seine fishing and many of our products constitute a standard for fleets around the world.

Besides essential products in profitable fishing operations, like the seine fishing winch, pulleys, net winches or seine davits, TH Marco offers wide range of services that guarantee long lasting products, from on-site consultation or technical assistance to retrofits and upgrades.


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TH Minerals filters minerals

TH Minerals is Técnicas Hidráulicas´ division for the minerals industry. We provide solutions to a wide range of processes, from turn-key installations for the quarry industry to large mineral concentrate filtration plants via filter presses. Crushing, micronization, classification, transportation, pumping, decantation and filtration are some of the processes we face with the guaranty of machinery and plants developed and optimised throughout our 50 years of experience.

TH Minerals, which has operating machinery throughout the world and in top companies in the quarry sector is especially recognised for its APN series filter presses and the Rover brand crushing and classification quarry installations.

Besides, since our installations are in isolated, difficult to reach locations, TH Minerals guarantees the robustness, reliability and high availability of our equipment to ensure the profitability of our client’s investments.

As an additional guarantee of the success, we offer a specialised pre and post-sales service right from the initial design phase, which includes plant audits, technical assistances and the supply of spare parts.


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TH Enviro water treatment

With a more than 20 year trajectory, TH Enviro is Técnicas Hidráulicas´ division dedicated to the design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of waste water treatment plants and the processing of mud in all industries.

We offer a range of products and solutions of proven efficiency and quality that guarantee a maximum recuperation of water and a minimum solids volume.

TH Enviro offers its installations to provide solutions to all industries with wet processes, such as:

  • Dredging of ports and rivers
  • Manufacturing of glass
  • Tunnel and construction wastes
  • Animal waste
  • Slurry/waste from mines/quarries
  • City waters
  • Drinking water
  • The recuperation of contaminated soils
  • Recycling of cars
  • Chemical industry


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