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  • TH Marco Complete fishing systems for the industrial tuna fisheries, and deck machinery for all types of vessels. Go to Naval sector
  • TH Minerals Design and manufacturing of mineral processing equipments. Solid/liquid separation, crushing, screening, pumping, material handling are some of the processes we provide solutions to. Go to Mineral sector
  • TH Enviro Design and manufacturing of waste water treatment plants and slurry filtration for all types of industries.Go to Enviro sector


Headquarters Técnicas Hidráulicas
  • Aritz Bidea, 65
    48100 Mungia

  • Tlf.: (+34) 94 674 05 00

  • GPS Coordinates:
    N 43º20'58.1'' - W 2º49'31.6''

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Country Office

  • Calle Puerto Tampico, Local #4
    Parque Industrial Alfredo V. Bonfil
    82050 Mazatlan, Sinaloa

  • Tlf.: (+52) 669 176 8506

  • GPS Coordinates:
    N 40º 42' 46.021'' - W 74º 0' 21.388''

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Aritz Bidea, 65 - 48100 MUNGUIA (Vizcaya) Spain

 +34 94 674 05 00