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  • TH Marco Complete fishing systems for the industrial tuna fisheries, and deck machinery for all types of vessels. Go to Naval sector
  • TH Minerals Design and manufacturing of mineral processing equipments. Solid/liquid separation, crushing, screening, pumping, material handling are some of the processes we provide solutions to. Go to Mineral sector
  • TH Enviro Design and manufacturing of waste water treatment plants and slurry filtration for all types of industries.Go to Enviro sector

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Técnicas Hidráulicas supplies equipment, solutions and services to mining, fishing and environmental industries. Founded in 1966, with our knowledge and effort in R&D we have developed key and leading technologies at a worldwide level.

We closely collaborate with our clients and supply highly valued equipment and solutions that guarantee your investments profitability.

Our company focuses on three business lines:

TH Marco: is dedicated to the supply of deck equipment and systems for the fishing and naval industry. We are owners of Marco technology, renown throughout the world in the tuna fishing industry.

TH Minerals: offers solutions to a wide range of mineral industry processes. We supply turn-key installations for quarries, mineral concentrate filtration equipment and mining, industry and metallurgical slurry and complete micronization and classification systems of industrial minerals.

TH Enviro: puts technology to work for the environment and provides solutions to the problems generated by residual waste in all types of industry with wet processes.

Date Event
1966 The founding of Técnicas Hidráulicas. Specialising in the manufacturing of low pressure hydraulic pumps and motors. Its first market, in which it still currently works in, was the fishing industry.
1970 Técnicas Hidráulicas signs a licence agreement with Marco to manufacture their line of products in the fishing industry. This is how Marco Spain is born, participated in equal parts by both companies, which sells the Marco Products produced by Técnicas Hidráulicas in Europe.
1984 We acquire the Mafel milling and classification technology, allowing Técnicas Hidráulicas to diversify its activity and enter in the mineral processing industry. We incorporate vertical axis micronization mills and separators to our range of products. This way we start a close relationship with the mining industry, which currently constitutes one of our main markets.
1990 Técnicas Hidráulicas acquires Portet filtration and pumping technology. This incorporation reinforces our range of products offered in the mineral treatment industry. Técnicas Hidráulicas filter presses are world renown for their high level of technology and reliability.
1992 Técnicas Hidráulicas and Marco España merge in order to offer its clients a better service. From this point on, Técnicas Hidráulicas is responsible for selling Marco equipment.
1994 We purchase Garbitronic auto and industrial washing technology and create the Automotive division.
2002 After 32 years under the Marco brand, Técnicas Hidráulicas acquires the manufacturing and patent rights to Marco products. This acquisition allows us to provide service to the worldwide fleet and converts us into a sector reference.
2006 We acquired the Productos Asteca – Rover company dedicated to the development, design and manufacturing of grinding and classification plants for the quarry and minerals industry. Técnicas Hidráulicas incorporates 50 years experience around the world, allowing us to ensure the optimal solution to each process.
2010 We have closed the Automotive division to concentrate our efforts on our main markets: fishing and mining.
2011 We expand the assembly pavilion with the incorporation of the most modern machinery to provide a response to the growing world demand for our equipment and anticipate the future.
2011 Merger of companies TH & PA

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